3000W 12V Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Off-Grid Inverter (Peak Power 9000W)

3000W 12V Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Off-Grid Inverter (Peak Power 9000W)

  • A fast built-in battery charger (with charging current options ranging from 18A to 90A) to charge your batteries from mains, with advanced 4-step progressive charging and several battery types to choose from. If required, the battery charger can be permanently switched off.
  • Option to select either DC or AC priority mode. In AC priority mode, if the inverter is connected to the mains, batteries will be constantly charged by mains power (until fully charged). Appliances will also be powered by mains by default. In DC priority mode, appliances will always be powered by the batteries, even if the mains input is connected. Once the battery charge drops below a certain threshold, mains input will automatically kick-in to charge batteries and power appliances.
  • Power saving mode which allows the inverter to work in "power on demand" standby mode by only generating power when load is connected (saves energy and battery power)
  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) system which provides constant power for your appliances when the inverter is working in AC (mains) mode and mains power supply shuts down (the inverter will automatically switch to the battery and your appliances will not switch off)
  • Bypass mode when the mains power is connected (in AC priority mode). In this mode, the AC mains input is automatically linked to AC output of the inverter, therefore bypassing the DC-to-AC energy converting circuits of the unit, increasing the efficiency and making the quality of the AC output the same as AC input.
  • Detailed LCD display which shows voltages, battery status, current operating mode and other information
  • Ability to accept input AC power from a generator (recommended nominal power of the generator is twice the rated power of the inverter)
  • Various settings allow the user to customise the inverter (output voltage, output frequency, input voltage thresholds, battery type and capacity)
  • The 3000W nominal power and 9000W peak power ratings mean that this inverter is suitable for most household appliances (such as a fridge, microwave, TV, power tools, vacuum cleaner, kitchen appliances except a cooker etc).

  • This inverter also features important protection and safety features, such as overload, over-temperature, low battery and overcharge protection.


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